Suffolk County School Bus Safety Program


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Keep Kids Safe: It’s the Law

Legislation (S.4524B/A.4950B) authorizes school districts to install stop-arm cameras on school buses in order to catch drivers who unlawfully pass a stopped school bus and ensure the safety of New York's students. 

“No parent should ever have to worry that their child’s bus ride to and from school is anything other than safe and easy. By signing this measure into law, we are providing school districts with the tools they need to hold reckless drivers accountable and advancing New York State’s bold initiatives to keep our school children safe.”

Our Commitment to Safety - The Solutionicon-stop-arm

The School Bus Stop-Arm Safety Program outfits Suffolk County’s school bus fleets with the latest stop-arm safety technology including stop-arm cameras, DVR and storage devices, internal cameras, GPS, telemetry and LTE connectivity.

When a school bus is stopped and its lights and stop-arm are activated, stop-arm cameras capture incidents involving vehicles illegally passing the bus. Through cloud computing, data is sent to Alertbus safety experts, who then review the footage and prepare evidence packages for law enforcement.