School Resource Officer

The SRO program is coordinated with several participating school districts within the Township. It offers a variety of educational programs to students aimed at individual and community safety. Many of the programs are designed to reduce negative encounters with police by establishing understanding and trust.

An important element of the program is to assist school administrators in identifying students of concern who seem to be troubled or heading the wrong way. Once a student of concern is identified, specially trained SRO’s, school personnel, and other social workers join together to mentor and monitor the student, offering guidance both in and out of school.

This program offers various diversion and restorative options when minor criminal acts occur with a student or between students and can serve as a gateway to youth court.

The feedback from are local participating schools is extremely positive.

Note: this program is not designed to provide security from an active shooter, it is designed to identify the potential active shooter and work to avoid the acting out.