Marriage Certificates

The Southampton Town Clerk maintains marriage records for individuals that obtained their marriage license from the Southampton Town Clerk’s office.

Obtaining a Marriage Certificate

The only individuals eligible to obtain a marriage certificate include:

  • Either spouse named on the license
  • A municipal, state or federal agency for official purposes.
  • Persons with judicial or other proper purpose

Identification Requirements

Applications must be submitted with a copy of one of the following forms of valid photo ID. (Expired photo ID will not be accepted)

  • Driver License
  • DMV issued Non-Driver Photo ID
  • Passport
  • U.S. Military-issued ID, photo ID

If the applicant’s name on the ID differs from the information on the certificate, a copy of the applicant’s subsequent marriage certificate, legal name change paperwork, citizenship papers or naturalization papers must accompany the request.


There is a fee of $10 per certified copy requested. Payment may be made by cash (in person) or check/money order payable to the “Town of Southampton” accompanied by a self-addressed, stamped-envelope.

New York City Copies

For marriage licenses issued in New York City, do not apply to the New York State Department of Health. You must apply to the Borough Office of the City Clerk of New York in the borough where the license was issued.