I’m a veteran, how do I get my permit?

Permits may be obtained online or in person at out Parks and Recreation Office. 
Please DO NOT mail in applications. For more information go to

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1. How do I apply for a beach parking permit?
2. How many permits am I allowed?
3. What type of payments do you take?
4. When will the beach be open?
5. How can my in-laws/family members/friends visiting and staying with me for the summer get a beach permit?
6. Will you be selling daily permits?
7. I’m a veteran, how do I get my permit?
8. How much are permits this year?
9. I just purchased a new home, what documentation do I need?
10. What documentation do you need if my vehicle has a P.O. Box?
11. How much are the permits this year?
12. What beaches are Southampton Town beaches?
13. Can I get a beach permit if I do not own a vehicle?
14. What age qualifies for a senior permit?
15. Can I get a permit on a rental car?
16. How can I get a permit as a summer renter?
17. I have a new vehicle with a temporary registration. How can I purchase a permit with a temporary registration?
18. I renewed my registration with the DMV, but have yet to receive it. How can I apply for a beach permit?
19. Can Motel/Hotel permits be obtained online?
20. I am a co-op owner. How do I apply for my permit?
21. I am a Fire Dept. or EMS volunteer, how do I apply for my beach permit?
22. Will Cooper’s Beach be open?
23. How can I purchase a Village permit?
24. How can I purchase a 4x4 permit?